Must Ask Questions

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Civil Officiant

Having a civil wedding ceremony? The wedding officiant you hire should create a wedding ceremony that’s in line with your religious and personal beliefs. Before you decide who to hire, follow this list of key questions you need to ask your potential wedding officiant.

  1. Is the officiant available on your wedding date?
  2. Can the officiant travel to your chosen wedding site?
  3. If you don’t have a site, can the officiant suggest one?
  4. Does the officiant charge a standard fee? Is the fee a donation?
  5. How long has the officiant been performing weddings?
  6. Does the officiant have sample wording/ceremonies/readings to show you?
  7. Will the officiant let you specify ceremony details such as music, readings, and vows?
  8. Is the officiant available for a ceremony rehearsal?
  9. Does the officiant make you comfortable?
  10. Does he or she seem genuinely interested in you as a couple?
  11. Be sure you like and respect your officiant — and that the feeling is mutual.
  12. Would the officiant (and his/her spouse) like to come to the reception and rehearsal dinner?
  13. Will you marry us if we are of different faiths?
  14. Will you marry us if one or both of us have been divorced?
  15. Will you officiate our ceremony if we are not current members of your church?
  16. Do you require premarital or religious classes? What are those requirements?
  17. Would you allow another officiant to take part in the ceremony?
  18. Can we personalize our ceremony by writing our own vows or selecting specific readings or music?
  19. Can we choose non-religious readings or music?
  20. Will you give a sermon during the ceremony? If so, can we have some input?
  21. Should we bring you the marriage license before the wedding date?
  22. Will you mail it to the state for us?
  23. Are there any restrictions as to our attire, or our bridal party’s attire?
  24. Is flash photography allowed during the ceremony?
  25. Will you wear a mic if the videographer requires one to capture the ceremony?